Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 111

Russian president Boris Yeltsin has expanded the powers of ViktorKondratov, his representative in the troubled Primorsky krai.(Interfax, June 4) Kondratov was appointed to the post at theend of May; he had previously headed the Federal Security Servicein the region. A presidential spokesman said that Yeltsin tookthe decision in order to facilitate cooperation between Primorskykrai and the federal authorities and to overcome the energy crisisthat is crippling the region. Yeltsin has empowered Kondratovto monitor the implementation of presidential decrees and governmentalinstructions on issues connected with the krai’s fuel and energycomplex. Kondratov is also to organize the distribution of fundsallocated to the krai from the federal budget and to check thatthey are used for their designated purposes. (Interfax, Itar-Tass,June 5) Last week, a Yeltsin aide said the president intends togive broader powers to his representatives all over the country.

Russian Government Rejects Duma Bill on Iraq.