Publication: Monitor Volume: 4 Issue: 51

Two of Boris Yeltsin’s fiercest critics are joining forces in an effort to impeach him. Lev Rokhlin, the retired army general who last year set up the Movement for the Defense of the Army (MDA), and radical Communist parliamentarian Viktor Ilyukhin are accusing the Russian president of "genocide" against the Russian people. (Russian agencies, March 15) They plan to take their case to Russia’s Supreme Court and to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Rokhlin chairs the Duma’s Defense Committee while Ilyukhin heads its Security Committee. Yeltsin is probably not losing sleep over the threat. Only states can take their complaints to the court in The Hague, while Russia’s constitution is deliberately fuzzy on impeachment procedures. Meanwhile, the strength of popular opposition to Yeltsin’s government will be put to the test on April 9, when the MDA and the Communists plan to join the national day of protest being organized by Russia’s trade unions.

Aliev, Shevardnadze Warn They May Boycott CIS Summit.