Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 59

With talks on sensitive bilateral issues scheduled for today, Boris Yeltsin’s first day in Oslo yesterday was devoted more to ceremony than to substance. But Yeltsin used appearances before the press both before his departure and upon his arrival in Norway to reiterate Moscow’s opposition to NATO enlargement and to suggest — as other Russian leaders have in recent days — a compromise that would satisfy Moscow. "I would advise those who strive to be part of NATO to do as the French do: enter the political committee, while staying away from the military organization," Yeltsin said at the airport in Oslo." Prior to his take-off from Moscow, Yeltsin had said it was especially important to Moscow that Norway, because it shares a land border with Russia, not station NATO troops on its territory. (Interfax & Russian Public TV, "Vremya," March 25)

Zyuganov on Relations with United States.