Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 220

President Boris Yeltsin on November 21 promoted Defense Minister Igor Sergeev to the rank of Marshal of Russia. (Russian media, November 21) The move came despite the fact that, earlier this year, the President was said to have done away with this rank (Russian media, January 28) However, last month a Moscow newspaper reported that the Defense Ministry had proposed to Yeltsin that the armed forces be allowed to have two marshals and six 4-star generals/admirals on active duty as they downsized the officer corps. (Moskovsky komsomolets, October 14) The promotion might allow Sergeev to stay on the job after he reaches the mandatory retirement age of 60 next April, although, should Yeltsin wish to retain Sergeev, he could do as he did with Sergeev’s predecessor, Igor Rodionov, and keep him on as a civilian.

Serov Concerned by CIS Countries’ Centrifugal Tendencies.