Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 53

On July 14, Yeltsin’spress spokesman said that the Russian president would not go homefrom the hospital July 17, as had been announced, but would remainthere for another week As a result, Yeltsin will not make apreviously scheduled trip to Norway and to the northern Russiancity of Murmansk. Officials around Yeltsin, and Yeltsin’s wife,told reporters that the president was simply resting and neededmore time to recover. They stressed that he was continuing todo paperwork from his hospital room. Yeltsin’s change in plans,however, sparked speculation that he was far more ill than officialshave acknowledged. At least one Russian parliamentarian–DumaSecurity Committee chairman Vladimir Ilyukhin–suggested thathe should yield his powers, at least temporarily, to Prime MinisterViktor Chernomyrdin, Russian radio and television reported.

Chechen Talks Break for Consultations.