Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 156

President Boris Yeltsin returned to work in the Kremlin yesterday, apparently in better health than he was when he last appeared in public on August 9. He approved the appointment of seven new ministers and gave an interview to Russian television. Speaking slowly but clearly and without using a prompter, Yeltsin scoffed at reports he needs to go abroad for heart surgery. "There are rumors about my trip to Switzerland," he said. "I thank the media for the invitation, but I won’t be going to Switzerland since there are problems here at home to address. Even if I do go on vacation, I will stay on Russian territory," Also yesterday, the presidential office issued the text of Yeltsin’s message of congratulations to the Russian people on the fifth anniversary of the failed Soviet coup. (ORT, Itar-Tass, AP, August 22) Today, Yeltsin is expected to meet with his national security adviser, Aleksandr Lebed, to discuss the Chechen conflict.

Moscow Dismisses Foreign Criticism of Chechnya Actions…