Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 223

The Russian president made it clear on November 29 that Anatoly Chubais will remain a First Deputy Premier. Yeltsin said he does not see a successor to this post "for the moment." Yeltsin’s statement appeared designed to reassure the international financial community, which is alarmed that Yeltsin’s dismissal of Chubais as Finance Minister ten days ago has thrown the future of Russian economic reform into doubt.

Yeltsin was speaking after the first meeting of the "Big Four" (himself, the prime minister, and the speakers of the two houses of the Russian parliament). Chubais’ complete removal from the government was demanded at that meeting by the Duma’s Communist speaker, Gennady Seleznev. The demand was rejected by Yeltsin, who refused even to discuss a parallel call by the opposition for a coalition government in which the Communists and their nationalist allies would occupy one-third of all ministerial posts. (RTR, November 28) The "Big Four" are scheduled to meet again on December 9 and the first session of the president’s roundtable will meet on December 11 to discuss the issue of land ownership and the coming ruble redenomination. Yeltsin agreed to institute regular roundtables and "Big Four" meetings as a concession to the Duma in return for its agreement to withdraw a threatened vote of no confidence in the government.

Russia Seeks International Support for Ruble.