Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 118

President Boris Yeltsin said yesterday in New York that Russia would join a peacekeeping force in Bosnia only if it was under U.N. control. In a speech at 50th anniversary celebrations of the United Nations, Yeltsin make clear Russia would not let its troops be part of any NATO-led force in Bosnia and blasted the alliance’s plans to expand into eastern and central Europe. "We are ready to support the operation on the implementation of the peace agreement with the participation of multi-national forces, including Russian forces, but only under a strict mandate of the U.N. Security Council," he said. (1)

Yeltsin wants the U.N. Security Council, not NATO, to police international trouble spots. At the U.N. Russia has a permanent seat and right of veto. It has no such control with respect to NATO. His tough line appears to rule out any substantial agreement at today’s summit with U.S. President Bill Clinton outside New York on the two issues at the top of the agenda. Defense Minister Pavel Grachev, who is visiting as guest of Defense Secretary William Perry, will hold more talks with his host on the sensitive issue at the end of the week.

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