Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 87

Zyuganov is to hold talks May 6 with leaders from Germany’s political and business establishment, but he will not meet with German chancellor Helmut Kohl or foreign minister Klaus Kinkel. The German Foreign Policy Society (DGAP) invited Zyuganov to Bonn. According to Alexander Rahr, the DGAP member coordinating the visit, Zyuganov wants to get "feedback from the Foreign and Defense Ministries, the chancellery, Deutsche Bank, and the like on how they currently see Russian policies." Following an off-the-record three-hour meeting with some forty business and government leaders, Zyuganov is to meet with the heads of each of the parliamentary factions. Wolfgang Sheuble, leader of Kohl’s Christian Democrats in the lower house, and Rudolf Sharping, parliamentary leader of the opposition Social Democrats, will be among those holding talks with Zyuganov. (Reuter, May 2) Kohl has been much criticized in Germany for favoring Boris Yeltsin while shunning Zyuganov and other opposition leaders. (See Monitor, February 19 & 21)

Grigory Yavlinsky Focus of Yeltsin Team’s Attention.