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PLA soldiers participate in the Yijiangshan Campaign in the mid-1950s; PLA Navy Marines today.

PLA Yijiangshan Joint Amphibious Operation: Past is Prologue

China and Russia are staging a Joint naval exercise in the South China Sea. The exercises are meant, in part, to practice joint island assaults and other amphibious operations (China Brief, April 9, 2014; Science of Joint Tactics, (Beijing: Military Science Press, 2014), pp. 169–174.... MORE
China-India Border Region. Full-Size Map available at the bottom of the page.

China and India’s Border Infrastructure Race

In July, China reportedly crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de facto border between India and China, at Barahoti in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand on at least two separate occasions. In addition to Chinese aircraft carrying out reconnaissance sorties in the area,... MORE