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New Gas Trader To Boost Turkmenistan-Ukraine Transit

On July 29, fully owned subsidiaries of Gazprom and of Austria's Raiffeisen Bank signed agreements establishing a joint gas-trading company, RosUkrEnergoprom. With Gazprom and Raiffeisen each holding half the shares, RosUkrEnergoprom will act as the operating company for gas exports from Turkmenistan to Ukraine via... MORE

Independent Journalist Killed In Kazakhstan

The flurry of speculations around the July 20 death of well-known journalist Askhat Sharipzhanov does not seem likely to subside in the coming weeks. Sharipzhanov, the 40-year old editor of the opposition electronic paper Navigator and one of the most furious critics of the authorities,... MORE

Governor In Western Kazakhstan Fired Due To Public Pressure

After a yearlong standoff between democratic organizations and the governor of Aktobe region in western Kazakhstan, Yermek Imantayev was relieved of his post by presidential decree. He was replaced by Eleusin Sagyndykov, a 57-year old senator who is quite popular in Aktobe. The removal of... MORE

Washington Pushes Karimov Closer To Moscow

On July 15 Elizabeth Jones, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs, officially concluded her two-day visit to Uzbekistan, where she had met with the country's leadership and local representatives of several human rights organizations. On July 13, on the eve... MORE

Kazakhstan: Between Pan-turkism And Globalization

On July 14 cultural ministers from 12 Turkic countries gathered at the Okan Intercontinental hotel in Astana for the 21st session of Turksoy, the international organization of Turkic-language nations set up in April 1992 to promote Turkic culture and spiritual values. In his opening speech,... MORE

Tashkent Largely Silent On Cut In U.s. Aid

The United States has slashed foreign aid to Uzbekistan by $18 million, according to a July 13 announcement by the State Department. The move was a calculated rebuttal to the Karimov regime over its lack of progress in human rights and democratic reforms. However, Tashkent's... MORE

Government Programs To Increase Kazakh Population Yields Results

In the first years of independence, ethnic Kazakhs barely made up 40% of the population of Kazakhstan. In a bid to regulate the ethnic balance, particularly in the heavily Russian-populated northern regions of the country, the government is encouraging oralmans ("returnees," i.e. ethnic Kazakhs returning... MORE