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Why Do Russian Politics Tend Toward Notions of the End Of The World?

In January 2023, Emory University professor Mikhail Epstein published his new book, Russian Anti-World: Politics on the Verge of Apocalypse (, January 26). This is perhaps the most profound philosophical study of the political, cultural and psychological transformations that have taken place in Russia in... MORE

Georgia Believes ‘Modest Dowries’ Are Enough for EU Membership

On February 1, the European Commission published analytical reports on Georgia’s, Ukraine’s and Moldova’s respective alignment with the European Union’s acquis. The reports complement the opinions adopted by the European Commission on the three countries’ applications for EU accession in June 2022. In its report,... MORE

Georgia Attempts to Revive Strategic Anaklia Deep-Sea Port Project

In all likelihood, the Georgian government has decided to seriously deal with the project of constructing the strategically important deep-sea Port of Anaklia, which was suspended in 2020 when the government canceled the $2.5 billion contract with previous investor Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) (Eurasianet, January... MORE