Latest Articles about Information Technology and Telecommunications

Open-Source Technology and PRC National Strategy: Part I

Executive Summary: The OpenAtom Foundation supports open-source technology in areas such as RISC-V architecture and Electronic Design Automation. These efforts are part of a strategy by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to navigate and overcome technological containment by the United States, showcasing the foundation’s... MORE

Comac’s Homegrown Aircraft Goes Global

Executive Summary: The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) will likely take many years developing into a veritable world-class aircraft enterprise. Over 1,200 orders have been placed for the new C919, primarily from domestic state-owned airlines. Comac has delivered 5 single-aisle planes to domestic airlines... MORE

The PRC’s Continued Outsized Role in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Executive Summary: Despite the Chinese Communist Party's restrictions on decentralized virtual currencies, the PRC has maintained a significant underground cryptocurrency industry, with investors posting $1.15 billion in gains in 2023. PRC investors are driven to digital assets by practical considerations amid limited traditional investment opportunities... MORE

Deepfakes with Chinese Characteristics: PRC Influence Operations in 2024

Executive Summary: The PRC’s potential to interfere in elections with deepfakes has been noted, with strategies including creating false narratives around candidates and misleading information on electoral processes. Advanced AI tools could further sophisticate these interference efforts, impacting democratic processes worldwide. Beijing appears to have... MORE

When The Chips Are Down: Taiwan’s Water and Energy Conundrum

Executive Summary: Taiwan’s heavy reliance on energy imports, coupled with high energy demands, poses significant challenges, with semiconductor manufacturing being a major consumer. Environmental concerns such as droughts, exacerbated by climate change, and Taiwan’s fossil fuel-heavy energy mix raise serious alarm bells for the island’s... MORE

BeiDou And Strategic Advancements in PRC Space Navigation

Executive Summary: BeiDou enhances both the PRC’s strategic autonomy and its influence across the world. It has signed agreements with numerous countries to expand its use, including for military applications. An interoperability agreement with the US government diminishes the strategic value of GPS by eliminating... MORE