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Taiwan’s Reform Bills Indicate Volatility

Executive Summary: Taiwan’s Executive Yuan has returned inflammatory legislation to the Legislative Yuan over concerns that it violates democratic principles, procedural justice, and the country’s constitution. The legislation is also likely to face judicial challenges. Contentious provisions could force testimony by military officials and others... MORE

KMT Appeal To The Younger Generation

Executive Summary: The success of younger lawmakers was a bright spot within the KMT’s election performance. They have the potential to appeal to middle-class and young Taiwanese voters through innovative approaches and better social media engagement. There is significant overlap between the KMT’s platform and... MORE

KMT Bottom Lines Following The 2024 Election

Executive Summary: The KMT emphasizes a balanced approach to preserving Taiwan’s democracy and Indo-Pacific peace, highlighting the importance of not solely focusing on military buildup but also on fostering good neighborly relations. Despite not winning the presidency, the KMT achieved significant gains in the Legislative... MORE

Seeds of the Sunflower Movement

Executive Summary: The 2014 Sunflower Movement significantly impacted Taiwan’s political landscape, leading to a shift towards the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and away from policies pursuing deeper official cross-strait engagement. The movement catalyzed policies for economic diversification which have measurably reduced dependence on the PRC.... MORE