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Majed al-Zeer: Hamas’s Alleged Frontman in Europe

Executive Summary German authorities claim that Berlin-based British citizen Majed al-Zeer plays a key role in Hamas's operations in Europe, citing his relations with Hamas figures and support for the group, though the extent remains unclear. Al-Zeer's involvement as director of the allegedly Hamas-connected Palestinian... MORE

Jewel Ali: The Founder of Imam Mahmuder Kafela in Bangladesh

Executive Summary The charismatic leader of a new Bangladeshi terrorist group called Imam Mahmuder Kafela (IMK), Jewel Ali, was recently arrested. Despite his arrest, Ali’s ability to fundraise, organize, and promote his ideology on social media combine with the persistent popularity of his message to... MORE

Jaish al-Adl and the Persistent Hostilities between Iran and Pakistan

Executive Summary Following a week of hostility after tit-for-tat missile and air strikes, Iran and Pakistan have deescalated tensions and normalized relations, though Jaish al-Adl—the proximate cause for the recent crisis—remains an active threat to regional stability. Jaish al-Adl is an anti-Shia Islamist militant group... MORE

Israeli End Goals in Gaza: A Palestinian Expulsion?

Executive Summary Nearly all of Gaza's 2.2 million people have been displaced by the current conflict, with Israel potentially considering “voluntary” resettlement plans for the Gazan population. Various Israeli officials have proposed several such plans for the removal of Gazans to other nations like the... MORE