Ukraine Election Results – 83% Counted

by Tammy Lynch

The latest results from Ukraine (10 AM local time) show the gap between first-place Viktor Yanukovych and second-place PM Yulia Tymoshenko slightly narrowing as more votes are counted. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister will have a huge job ahead of her in the second round on February 7. She likely will finish 10 points behind Yanukovych when first-round votes are fully counted.

Currently, Ukrayinska Pravda reports:

Yanukovych: 35.69%
Tymoshenko: 24.78%
Serhiy Tyhypko: 13%
Arseniy Yatsenyuk: 6.96%
Viktor Yushchenko: 5.39%

Reports from those at President Yushchenko’s headquarters suggest that Yushchenko appears exhausted and deflated. “His situation is finally sinking in,” said one who asked not to be identified during an email exchange. The man who rode to power on the back of a “revolution” will finish fifth and with single digits just five years later. Ironically, it was his support for a free and fair election in 2004 that made it possible for voters in 2010 to replace him in what appears to be a free and orderly manner.