Anouar Boukhars

Anouar Boukhars is a specialist on politics of the Muslim world. Dr. Boukhars is an assistant professor and director of the Center for Defense and Security Policy at Wilberforce University in Ohio. He is also editor of Wilberforce Quarterly Journal.

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    Articles by Anouar Boukhars

    Is France Next on al-Qaeda’s Hit List?

    The latest cyber-terror “chatter” has prompted fears that France is once again in al-Qaeda’s sights. Spared from terror atrocities since the 1995-1996 wave of bombings that shocked the country, France

    The Threat of Islamist Terrorism to Germany

    The recent al-Qaeda threat to Germany over its forces in Afghanistan coupled with the arrest of four Arab men accused of supporting al-Tawhid—a terrorist organization believed to have links to

    Understanding Somali Islamism

    The security situation in Somalia flared up dramatically in the past few weeks, following a number of acts of provocation between Mogadishu's newly-formed coalition of warlords, dubbed the Alliance for

    Somalia: Africa’s Horn of Anarchy

    Fourteen years after the ouster of authoritarian President Siad Barre in 1991 and the subsequent descent of the country into chaos, Somalia remains a lawless patchwork of warring fiefdoms. Terrorist

    The Challenge of Radical Islam in Mauritania

    Mauritania is grappling with a range of fundamental issues, including religion, development, political and social progress and institution building. After the August 3 bloodless military coup that toppled Mauritania's autocratic