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    December 2011 BRIEFS

    DISSIDENT SOUTH SUDAN LEADER KILLED IN INTERNECINE CLASH Lieutenant General George Athor Deng, a dissident South Sudanese military veteran figure, was killed in a clash with the newly formed Republic

    Derek Henry Flood Appears On France 24 International News

    On December 17th, 2011 Annette Young, France 24 International News, interviewed Derek Henry Flood, the editor of Militant Leadership Monitor (, a Jamestown Foundation Publication. They talked about how Washington

    October 2011 BRIEFS

    LASHKAR-E-ISLAM LEADER TERRORIZES KHYBER AGENCY Mangal Bagh, the warlord-leader of the militant group Lashkar-e-Islam (LeI) has been putting fear into the residents of Khyber Agency, one of the seven constituent

    March 2011 Briefs

    COUSIN OF SYRIAN PRESIDENT WARNS WINDOW FOR REFORM IS CLOSING AS REGIME LOSES GRIP Ribal al-Assad, the cousin of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, calls for significant change in Syria from

    February 2011 Briefs

    UFLA LEADERS MEET WITH INDIAN GOVERNMENT FOR PEACE TALKS The political leadership of the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) [1] is engaging in unconditional peace talks on behalf of

    January 2011 Briefs

    NEW JUNDULLAH LEADER ABDULRAUF RIGI ARRESTED IN PAKISTAN The successor to the ethnic-Balochi separatist organization Jundullah, Abdulrauf Rigi was reportedly captured in late December 2010 by Pakistani authorities who employed

    July 2010 Briefs

    PKK GUERILLA LEADER MURAT KARAYLIAN OFFERS ANKARA DEAL Murat Karayilan, the military guerrilla commander of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan-PKK) and leader of the Kurdish rebel umbrella grouping,

    June 2010 Briefs

    IRAN HANGS ANOTHER RIGI, FUTURE OF JUNDULLAH UNCERTAIN On June 20, 2010, just weeks after his brother Abdolhamid Rigi was hanged by the Iranian state (see Militant Leadership Monitor, May

    May 2010 Briefs

    PROMINENT AL-SHABAAB LEADER WOUNDED IN MOGADISHU Shaykh Fuad Muhammad Khalaf (a.k.a. Fuad Shongole) was wounded in a large bombing in Mogadishu’s Abdallah Shidiye mosque which took the lives of at

    April 2010 Briefs

    TTP COMMANDERS PROVIDE THEIR OWN PROOF OF LIFE Several Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commanders whom the Pakistani Interior Ministry claimed were killed in an aerial assault earlier this year have been

    March 2010 Briefs

    DEAD END FOR DULMATIN  On March 9, 2010 Indonesia’s most wanted man was killed in a shootout with the country’s elite counter-terrorist unit, Detachment-88. Jemaah Islamiyah’s (JI) Dulmatin (a.k.a. Ammar

    February 2010 Briefs

    END OF THE LINE FOR KUNDUZ SHADOW GOVERNOR Mullah Abdul Salam, the Taliban’s “Shadow Governor” for Kunduz Province has been captured in Pakistan after the much-touted arrest of the movement’s

    January 2010 Briefs

    TOP RANKING MILITANT SURRENDERS TO ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT: A PROFILE OF LICHO BUKHURA Licho Bukhura (a.k.a. Lucho Burbura), a senior militant leader of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), has surrendered to