Farhana Ali

Farhana Ali is an Associate International Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation. She has done extensive research on jihadist networks and religious extremism.

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    Articles by Farhana Ali

    Pakistan’s Radical Red Mosque Returns

    The reopening of Pakistan's Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad in October after a government siege in July is a direct threat to the country and to the world community

    Inside Pakistan’s Madrasas

    In the northern hills of Quetta, girls from the ages of eight to their early twenties study the holy Qur'an in Madrasa Tul Banat (literally, an all-girls seminary), the oldest

    Muslim Female Fighters: An Emerging Trend

    Muslim women are increasingly joining the global jihad, some motivated by religious conviction to change the plight of Muslims under occupation, and recruited by al-Qaeda and local terrorist groups strained