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Frank Hyland served in the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Counter-Terrorist Center and the National Counter-Terrorism Center. He has been involved in counter-terrorism work for more than 25 years. Mr. Hyland has taught at both The Johns Hopkins University and the Joint Military Intelligence College and is presently on the faculty of the American Public University System. His career includes an 18-month tour in Ankara, Turkey. He is the author of Armenian Terrorism: The Past, The Present, The Prospects published by Westview Press. As the CEO of S&F Enterprises, he is presently a consultant to both private-sector and public-sector clients.

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    Articles by Frank Hyland

    Peru’s Shining Path Gaining Ground?

    New reporting by Peruvian officials has brought to light information on a terrorist group about which has been little noted in recent years: Peru's Sendero Luminoso (SL)—Shining Path. The reports,

    The Many Faces of the PKK

    Kurdish guerrillas have fought Turkish forces for almost a quarter of a century. Focusing attention solely on the approximately 5,500 Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters, however, obscures the full dimension

    PKK Introduces Use of IEDs Against Turkish Targets

    The casualties suffered since the beginning of June in Turkey's military operations against Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) members in its southeast region provide a disturbing illustration of the spread of

    Ankara Bombing Poses Economic Risks to Turkey

    The May 22 suicide bomb attack in Ankara contains elements that are potentially worrisome for the Turkish government, its people and tourists visiting Turkey. If bombings of the same modus