John Foulkes

John Foulkes is a Program Associate for Jamestown’s Global Terrorism Analysis program. He is the assistant editor of Terrorism Monitor, and managing editor of Militant Leadership Monitor. Mr. Foulkes graduated with distinction from the University of North Carolina, earning a B.A. in Peace, War and Defense Studies, with a focus on International Security and Intelligence, and South Asian Studies. He speaks some Hindi and Urdu.

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    Articles by John Foulkes

    Who is Taliban Negotiator Mullah Sherin Akhund?

    On March 18, Russia hosted negotiations between the Taliban, the Afghan government, and representatives from the United States, China and Pakistan. The meeting was the first in a series of


    Does Turkish Withdrawal from Morek Base Signal Renewed Conflict in Idlib?  John Foulkes On October 20, Turkish forces withdrew from the Morek observation post, the country’s largest base located north


    Fighting Escalates in Yemen’s Port City of Hodeidah Michael Horton For months, the port city of Hodeidah has enjoyed relative calm compared with much of war-torn Yemen. This has changed

    Aslam Farooqi: Head of Islamic State-Khorasan Arrested

    On April 4, an operation conducted by Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), successfully captured the head of Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K), Aslam Farooqi, along with 19 other