Muhammad Mansour

Muhammad Mansour is a highly accomplished investigative journalist with more than ten-year, solid track record of producing high-quality print and online reports for international media outlets, including The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Times and Egypt Independent. He covers a broad range of topics related to Egyptian politics and global affairs. Mansour examines the junctions of Egyptian politics and society as they slowly disintegrate under the pressure of a ruthless military dictatorship. He gave lectures on new media and the Arab Spring in the Czech Republic and India. Mansour is currently a fellow at the Leaders for Democracy program at Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University in New York.

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    Articles by Muhammad Mansour

    Giza Bus Attack Threatens Egypt’s Security

    Egyptian security forces killed 40 militants in a shoot-out during an operation that targeted three strongholds in Giza province and North Sinai on December 29. A statement by the ministry

    The Islamic State’s Targeting Strategy in Egypt

    The Egyptian government’s state of alert, under which dozens of activists were arrested ahead of the fifth anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, did not prevent militants from the Islamic State