Forum Warnings of a Spy Website

Publication: Terrorism Focus Volume: 1 Issue: 9

The jihadist forum Al-Ma’sada has warned its readers concerning a possible CIA-sponsored Qoqaz website. “The Legislative Council of the Sawt al-Qoqaz (Voice of Caucasus)”, the warning runs, “announces the existence of a forum owned by the CIA, in co-operation and arrangement with British Security, for the purpose of spying on the Ansar al-Jihad (supporters of Jihad). [It does this] by means of penetrating the participants’ computers via the forum, which encourages participation through writing anti-US government materials on events in Iraq. The Legislative Council affirms that this forum is bogus.”

The text goes on to describe how the British-based site seeks to download from the participants “all files, images and correspondence exchanged between the site’s visitors, particularly those relating to the jihad in Iraq.” The warning states that the website is attempting to penetrate the majority of Islamic sites and forums “as a security measure designed to obfuscate news of the jihad and the mujahideen in Iraq.” Readers are warned, therefore, not to fall prey to espionage on behalf of the Enemy, and to be wary of “agents of the Crusaders, atheists and Jews on the internet.”