The 14th Issue of Sada al-Jihad Released

Publication: Terrorism Focus Volume: 4 Issue: 10

The Global Islamic Media Front, a jihadi propaganda media outlet, published the 14th issue of the monthly magazine Sada al-Jihad (The Echo of Jihad) in March. Sada al-Jihad is one of many other publications released by the Global Islamic Media Front, such as Sada al-Rafidain (The Mesopotamian Echo), Sawt al-Khilafa (The Voice of Caliphate) and other communiqués from the different jihadi groups operating in Iraq ( The 14th issue of Sada al-Jihad is 60 pages long and covers topics varying from religious jurisprudence and the importance of jihad to the security training needed in the jihadi field. From the perspective of a jihadi, the magazine highlights four significant topics: the disappearance of Osama bin Laden; uncovering and evading surveillance; the verdict of legislatures and who obeys them; and fighting terrorism and the equation of victory—the plans and consequences.

The editor-in-chief, Abu al-Azim al-Ansari, who wrote the magazine’s introduction, outlines the objectives of jihadi propaganda. Al-Ansari sums up the techniques used by Jews, Christians, apostates and hypocrites in their ongoing war against jihadis as follows: slander jihadis’ image through black propaganda; limit the resources flowing to jihadi operatives; distort jihadi ideology; penetrate jihadi groups and get their agents promoted to leading positions in these groups; and foment conflict among jihadi organizations.

To counter the onslaught from the enemy, al-Ansari suggests that the mujahideen exploit the media as much as possible and target their economies. Al-Ansari admits that the techniques of their foes against the jihadis are effective because of their vast resources, but he is optimistic about the ability of the jihadis to hold them off through sacrifices, a reference to suicide bombing tactics. Al-Ansari ends his article by explaining the importance of inciting Muslims to the jihad: “The passive party in our ummah that is remotely observing events must come forward and vividly participate in the eminent victory and resurrection of our nation, God willing.”

The other significant topic in Sada al-Jihad is the section on uncovering and evading surveillance. The training section starts with evasive techniques such as:

– Evading enemy surveillance in public spaces, market places, universities, movie theaters, hotels and side streets;

– First secure the evasion of leaders by making their subordinates decoys for enemy surveillance;

– Evasion is easier than surveillance.

On surveillance-exposing techniques, the training articles instruct jihadis to practice the following:

– Drop a piece of paper on the ground and see if anyone picks it up;

– Pretend to be tying a shoelace;

– Change walking speed and make sudden turns;

– Use counter-surveillance teams;

– Use glass doors and shop facades to uncover surveillance;

– Go to open, non-crowded areas;

– Backtracking;

– The same techniques apply to surveillance by vehicles.

The training concludes by providing examples of surveillance techniques used by the Israeli and Turkish intelligence services. Also, the magazine invites the readers to send their useful articles to the magazine at, warning users not to use old e-mail addresses or personal details, avoid phone calls and use a proxy server whenever possible in order to conceal the user’s identity. In addition, the writer says, “an intelligence service surveilled our brother for three months to no avail because he did not let his guard down. Many brothers get desperate when watched for so long. I ask them, where is your jihadi faith? If you are suffering, they are suffering too.”

The purpose of Sada al-Jihad is the same as other jihadi magazines and statements. They all aim to solicit more fighters to join their ranks by countering the propaganda against jihad and to train the already enlisted operatives on intelligence and military tactics needed in their operations.