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Abdul Hameed Bakier is an expert on internet media monitoring and analysis. He is based in Jordan.

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    Jihadis React to Mumbai Attacks

    Jihadi forum members have been eager to learn anything about the Mumbai terror attacks, hoping for clues that al-Qaeda has perpetrated, in a jihadi perspective, these “great and admirable attacks.”

    Jihadis Publish Online Recruitment Manual

    To become a full fledged jihadi, volunteers must go through gradual ideological reform and build a sense of security and vigilance needed for clandestine activities. To further their preparation, one

    Jihadis React to Indictment of Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir

    Reacting to the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) indictment of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, several jihadi internet forums discussed Sudan’s situation in response to a posting entitled “Goodbye Omar al-Bashir and

    An al-Qaeda Threat in the United Arab Emirates?

    Jihadi internet forums have picked up on recent British and American warnings about possible al-Qaeda terror attacks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One forum post, entitled “Is al-Qaeda overlooking

    Jihadis Urge Naval Terrorism in the Middle East

    Islamist forums and jihadi media have been promoting and threatening to perpetrate naval terrorism as an important strategic trend in the jihadi path. Jihad Press, an e-journal affiliated with al-Qaeda,

    The Jihadi Quest for Home-Made Air Transport

    A previous issue of Terrorism Focus examined jihadi attempts to produce anthrax and concluded that without the proper aerosol equipment, jihadis are unlikely to launch a biological attack in the

    Forum Users Improve Electronic Jihad Technology

    A previous issue of Terrorism Focus exposed a jihadi website dedicated solely to cyber attacks against websites deemed anti-Islamic (Terrorism Focus, October 3, 2006). The members of al-jinan.org have targeted

    Islamist Forum Debates the Fate of Bin Laden

    In response to an article posted in an Islamist internet forum entitled "Bin Laden...The Puzzling Disappearance," forum users spent a week discussing the possible reasons behind the disappearance of Osama

    Jihadis Encourage Lone Acts of Terrorism

    A new article posted on the jihadi forum alhanein.com on May 4, entitled "Supporting the Islamic State by Single-Handed Terrorism," instructs Islamist fighters to conduct lone acts of terrorism against

    Jihadi Forums Respond to Saudi Arrests

    The latest al-Qaeda arrests in Saudi Arabia have triggered angry responses on jihadi websites. On April 27, the Saudi Interior Ministry announced its security forces had arrested 172 al-Qaeda terrorists

    The 14th Issue of Sada al-Jihad Released

    The Global Islamic Media Front, a jihadi propaganda media outlet, published the 14th issue of the monthly magazine Sada al-Jihad (The Echo of Jihad) in March. Sada al-Jihad is one

    IED Manufacturing Laboratory Discovered in Saudi Capital

    Terrorist training materials are easily accessible on jihadi websites and forums and contain accurate information about military tactics, explosives, rocket technology and intelligence craftsmanship. The extent to which Islamist militants

    Baghdad Sniper Gains Legendary Status

    Snipers targeting U.S. soldiers in Baghdad and in other Iraqi cities garnered attention on jihadi forums in early 2005. It was not until November 2005, however, that these shootings received

    New Website Incites Electronic Jihad

    The latest criticism of Islam being a violent religion, which was sparked by incendiary comments made by Pope Benedict XVI, has caused internet jihadis to launch a new website called

    The Evolution of Jihadi Electronic Counter-Measures

    After each attempted terrorist attack, whether botched or successful, government security forces worldwide are typically tasked with reviewing and analyzing the incident to draw lessons from the mistakes made in