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Is the Islamic State a Threat to the Security of the Republic of Georgia?

By George Tsereteli On November 29, authorities in Tbilisi, Georgia, arrested four people accused of being connected to the Islamic State (IS) organization. Weapons, explosive devices, IS flags, and Islamist literature on CDs and DVDs were found in the suspects’ apartments (Civil Georgia, December 1).... MORE

Armenia and Serbia Pledge Military Cooperation

By Erik DavtyanOn November 24, the Defense Minister of Serbia Bratislav Gašić arrived in Yerevan for a two-day official visit. Interestingly, as the minister himself mentioned, this was the first such trip to Armenia by a Serbian minister of defense. Minister Gašić met with Armenian... MORE

Rising Discrimination Accelerates Ethnic Sorting out of Central Asia

By Paul GobleNone of the five republics in Central Asia were ever ethnically homogeneous. Joseph Stalin, in fact, purposefully drew their borders so that there would always be a local minority that he could use against the ethnic majority, either as his agents in place... MORE

Armenia and Iran After the Nuclear Deal: The Quest for Broader Cooperation

By Erik DavtyanThe agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, which Tehran reached with the P5+1 powers (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany) on July 14, has provided new perspectives for Iran’s wider engagement in the South Caucasus—especially with Armenia, the only... MORE

Estonia to Help Crimean Tatars Tell the World About the Occupation

By Paul GobleThe victims of almost 50 years of Soviet occupation themselves, Estonians are now preparing to help the Crimean Tatars, who have again come under Russian occupation. At a press conference in Kyiv, Mart Nutt, a member of the Estonian parliament, and Oliver Loode,... MORE

Non-Russians Are Following Ethnic Russians Out of the North Caucasus

By Paul GobleThe flight of ethnic-Russians from the republics of the North Caucasus over the last two decades has not only attracted widespread attention but also generated concern among officials in Moscow (see EDM, November 10, 2011; October 30, 2012; April 22, 2015). Federal authorities view ethnic Russians... MORE

Turkish-Kurdish Clashes Raise Security Concerns in the South Caucasus

By Erik DavtyanThe governmental crisis and military operations of the Turkish Army against Kurdish forces has not only threatened the internal situation in Turkey, but is increasingly having a destabilizing effect on neighboring countries as well. Considering the wide geographic extent inhabited by the region’s... MORE