The Moldovan Elections and Implications for Regional Securit



Vladimir Socor
Senior Fellow, The Jamestown Foundation

Jonas Rolett
Senior Policy Analyst, Open Society Policy Center

Vlad Spanu
Executive Director, The Moldova Foundation

As a result of Sunday’s parliamentary poll in Moldova, amidst speculation of Russian interference, a reported low turnout and projected gains for the Kremlin-favored opposition party, Bloc for Democratic Moldova, have cast doubts on the ruling Communist Party’s ability to retain its majority standing and elect the country’s next leader. In light of President Vladimir Voronin’s gradual shift toward European integration, despite a series of discordant responses from Moscow on issues like Transnistria, the election results may signal a general hesitation among the Moldovan people to follow suit in a Georgian-Ukrainian fashioned democratic revolution.

Vlad Spanu will address the results of the elections in political terms, the winners and losers, the expected direction of the new government, and implications for policy on Transnistria, while Jonas Rolett will discuss the West’s pre- and post-election role in training civic monitors and its official appraisal of the election process. Vladimir Socor will assess the election’s impact on Moldova’s relations with Russia, the West and its Black Sea neighbors.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005
9:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M.
1779 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
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