Exit Polls

Some exit poll information below from today’s presidential election in Ukraine. Gap between first place Yanukovych and second place Tymoshenko seems to range from four points to 11 points depending on poll. The most historically reliable source has a four point gap. If that poll is correct it would either be a remarkable surge in the last days or proof that PM Tymoshenko still polls way under actual election results.

Thank you to @Ukroblogger (or Ukraina) for exit poll information.

Four major exit polls found here at Ukrayinska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth).

It is in Ukrainian, but the order of finish in all:

Yanukovych = Blue
Tymoshenko = Red
Tyhypko = darker blue

Top left – National Exit Poll, which is most reliable source, primarily Democratic Initiatives

Top right – SOCIS
Bottom left – ICTV
Bottom right – Shuster

Interfax (apparently not Interfax-Ukraine) also released numbers to the press, which do seem out of the ballbark of the rest. I only have the top three:

yanukovich 36,1
tymoshenko 20,7
tigipko 14,9