China Brief Analyst L.C. Russell Hsiao Highlighted in Taipei Times Article on DPP Cross-Strait Policy

The Taipei Times picked up China Brief analyst and former editor L.C. Russell Hsiao’s recent China Brief article, entitled "DPP’s Cross-Strait Policy Consistent with ‘Status Quo’," that was published yesterday.

William Lowther’s article drew attention to the fact that the Taiwanese election has highlighted that the majority of Taiwanese voters prefer retaining the "status quo," meaning no dramatic shifts.

One of the passages highlighted in the Taipei Times emphasized the need for foreign observers to recognize that the Taiwanese political parties are where the voters position themselves: “The sooner Washington and Beijing start listening to Taiwanese voters and stop treating each presidential election in Taiwan as a zero-sum game, the faster Taiwan’s democratic consolidation could turn out to be the silver lining for Washington and Beijing for ensuring a peaceful and stable cross-strait environment.”

For L.C. Russell Hsiao’s full analysis of the DPP’s cross-Strait policy and the views of the Taiwanese electorate, click HERE.

William Lowther, "2012 Elections: Jamestown Sees Convergence in Cross-Strait Policies," Taipei Times, December 23, 2011. For the full article, click HERE.