Jamestown Analyst Ksenia Kirillova interviewed by Outlook India on Wagner’s ‘mutiny’

On June 24, Jamestown Foundation analyst Ksenia Kirillova was interviewed by Outlook India regarding the fallout from Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group’s “march for justice.” Her EDM article from May 22 was also cited in the report.

“Kseniya Kirillova tells Outlook that it does not appear to her that Prigozhin is acting completely independently and it appears that there is some collusion with elements inside Putin’s own government. Whatever the case, she says that the situation and the actions that it would force Putin to take would weaken his power.”

I still don’t understand yet how independent Prigozhin is. He could be ordered to behave like this or be used blindly. But if so, we do not fully know who exactly it is planned to ‘purge’ — Prigozhin or Shoigu. I think we will fully understand this only by how it will end and what decisions Putin will make.”

“Kirillova tells Outlook that such a development was not entirely unexpected. Indeed, in an article dated May 22, Kirillova had predicted that Wagner Group might enter an armed confrontation with the Russian state.”