Jamestown Releases New Websites for Publications

New China Brief and Chechnya Weekly Websites Online


WASHINGTON, DC (4/10/07)–The Jamestown Foundation is proud to announce the launch of two new websites for its publications, China Brief and Chechnya Weekly. All articles for China Brief, a biweekly publication on contemporary Chinese political, economic and strategic affairs, will now be accessible at https://jamestown.org/china_brief. Articles for Chechnya Weekly, the foundation’s weekly publication that covers the crisis in the breakaway republic, will be available at https://jamestown.org/chechnya_weekly.

"These sites will serve as invaluable instruments for analysts and policymakers who seek reliable sources of timely and in-depth information and analysis on developments in China and Chechnya," said Jamestown Foundation President Glen Howard. "Over the past six months, the readership levels of China Brief and Chechnya Weekly have increased by nearly 35 percent and 25 percent, respectively," Howard added, "and these sites will undoubtedly assist them in their continual growth." In March, the overall number of monthly unique visits to the main Jamestown website reached an unprecedented 100,000 visitors, "a feat unmatched in Jamestown’s history," Howard noted. Both publications will be available for e-mail subscriptions from The Jamestown Foundation’s website at www.jamestown.org.

Founded in 1984, The Jamestown Foundation is an independent, non-partisan research institution dedicated to providing timely information concerning critical political and strategic developments in China, Russia, and Eurasia. Jamestown’s research and analysis is available to the public free-of-charge via Jamestown’s website, www.jamestown.org.