Jamestown Analyst to be on CBS 60 Minutes

Stephen Ulph Featured in JIHAD.COM


WASHINGTON, DC (3/2/07)–The Jamestown Foundation is proud to announce that Senior Fellow Stephen Ulph will appear on the CBS program "60 Minutes" this Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 7:00 PM EST. Ulph will be discussing the rise of jihadist websites and their impact on terrorism.

Ulph is considered one of the leading specialists in the world on jihadi internet radicalization, and on Sunday will discuss the threat posed by this culture. Ulph describes this threat as "the real bomb" that the West is going to have to deal with. Ulph believes that the indoctrination into jihadi ideology taking place under the horizon on the internet is creating an alternative culture to which an entire generation of Muslim youth is exposed. Ulph asserts that this culture is unopposed and that there is a pressing need for the United States to manage this ideology via education and training.

Stephen Ulph is in the process of writing a new book, Jihad on the Internet: The Virtual Battlefield, which is scheduled for publication in late 2007 and will be available on the Jamestown website. Fluent in Arabic and Farsi, Ulph conducts daily analysis of jihadi websites and has produced significant studies that have been internationally recognized for their indigenous sources and in-depth investigation.

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