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Then- Secretary of Defense Hagel and PLA Gen. Chang Wanquan. Hagel proposed a "third offset" and "defense innovation initiative" which has been closely tracked by PLA scholars

Chinese Perceptions of the “Third Offset Strategy”

China is deeply committed to a series of military reforms involving reorganization, more realistic training, and advanced weapons—all interconnected by information technology and with the various services and branches working jointly. It set itself two milestones—2020 and 2049. The first of these is to complete... MORE
RADM Guan Youfei has visited Syria, promising that the Chinese military will provide aid and support to the Syrian government.

Chinese Military Promises Aid to Syria

China has announced a shift in its foreign policy toward Syria. During a visit to Damascus on August 14, People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Rear Admiral Guan Youfei (关友飞) noted that this year marks the 60th anniversary of relations between the two countries. He further... MORE
As early as 1983, China was assessed to have the ability to take islands such as Vietnam’s Bach Long Vi via an amphibious assault. China conducted flights over Northeast Cay in 1980, and Malaysia’s Swallow Reef in 1983. Deficiencies in China's air-defenses and limited naval power-projection capabilities have been addressed by modern destroyers and amphibious warfare ships. Larger image available below.

Chinese Signaling in the South China Sea

The recent landing of a Y-8X maritime surveillance aircraft on Fiery Cross Reef (永暑礁) in the South China Sea in response to an emergency is further evidence that China has made its presence in this contentious region routine (China Brief, March 28). According to the... MORE
Chinese fishing ships in the South China Sea (Xinhua)

China-Indonesia Relations Heat Up Along the Third “Dash”

On March 19, Chinese and Indonesian media reported that a confrontation had taken place between Chinese fishing boats and an Indonesian Fisheries Ministry ship near the Natuna Islands, in the South China Sea (Guancha, March 21; Konpas [Indonesia], March 21). Indonesian media reported that the... MORE