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A New Twenty Years Crisis?

By Nicholas Eberstadt and Joseph P. Ferguson E. H. Carr's powerful little book The Twenty Years' Crisis presciently argued that the events ineluctably leading Europe to war in 1939 were not sudden and new, but rather two decades in the making. Though written in another... MORE

Note To Readers

Dear China Brief Readers, The Jamestown Foundation is proud to present The North Korea Review, a special supplement to China Brief. Focusing on the escalating crisis on the Korean Peninsula, the Review takes an insider's view of challenges facing this week's multilateral talks in Beijing... MORE

America’s Diplomatic Struggle over Korean Nuclear Disarmament

The Jamestown Foundation presents an interview with Il-Kwawg Sohn, a former high-level North Korean official. Mr. Sohn discusses the current multilateral negotiations and the diplomatic strategies of the main participants. Q: What do you think are some of the demands North Korea (NK) will be... MORE

North Korea and Narcotics Trafficking: A View from the Inside

The details about North Korean involvement in international narcotics trafficking have been reported in greater frequency in the West in the last decade as North Korea struggles to delay its looming internal collapse. As insider knowledge of these developments is rare, it is the purpose... MORE

Through Russia With Kim Jong Il

Kremlin insider General Konstantin Pulikovsky provides an in-depth look at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il through his book The Oriental Express: Through Russia with Kim Jong Il (Moscow 2002). General Polikovsky recounts conversations with Kim about the prospects for Korean reunification, relations with the... MORE