Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 52

Apparently stung by Georgianpresident Eduard Shevardnadze’s recent criticism of Russian involvementwith Abkhazia, the Russian government instructed its foreign ministryto clear all assistance to Abkhazia with Tbilisi, various Moscowpapers reported July 12. The following day, the Russian "peace-keeping"commander in Abkhazia told Russian television that he would helpGeorgian refugees to return to Abkhazia’s Gali region, and Russiandeputy foreign minister Albert Chernyshev announced that he wouldfly to Tbilisi to promote relations "in all spheres."Meanwhile, Russian Federation Council chairman Vladimir Shumeikotold a Tbilisi press conference that Abkhazin leader VladislavArdzinba was "a multiple killer" who had "harmedhis people just as much as Dudayev has harmed his." Shumeikourged a political boycott of Ardzinba’s regime, although he notedthat Moscow might have to talk to him as a party to the conflict.Shevardnadze responded skeptically, noting that Yeltsin’s recentcall for a pan-Caucasian meeting would be justified only if thatmeeting produced "concrete agreements. Sitting and talkingabout peace and friendship will bring nothing."

Abkhazians Warn Against Return of More Georgian Refugees.