Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 189

The office of Azerbaijani president Haidar Aliev on October 9 released a statement citing instructions that have just been conveyed to government-owned mass media on Aliev’s behalf. Editors-in-chief are being put on guard to avoid both excessive "propaganda" of the country’s performance and "flattering" Aliev. The president objects to this type of coverage which "contravenes his [earlier] instructions," the statement says. It further quotes Aliev as ordering that such epithets as "respected," "esteemed," "highness," and similar words of flattery, which are routinely being attached to his name, henceforth be dropped from the official mass media and from state-published books. (Turan, October 10) Azerbaijani state media are known for practicing an indigenous form of personality cult focused on Aliev. The president has from time to time made "anti-flattery" remarks, but has not taken serious measures against it until issuing these instructions. Their effectiveness remains to be demonstrated.

Balginbaev Appointed Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.