Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 3 Issue: 14

On May 6, the website reported the celebration on the previous day of “perhaps the most unusual Easter in the entire Orthodox space.” On May 5, the Russian Orthodox Easter service had been served at the site of the semi-destroyed church of Michael the Archangel located in the Chechen capital. The service “took place in the open air, and the entire perimeter of the church was guarded by troops of the [Russian] spetznaz. The Russian community in Grozny now numbers only several tens of people, those who did not perish during the bombing and who remained to live in the ruins of the Chechen city.” The paschal service was performed by Fr. Nazary, “who has been awarded two military medals for courage.” Fr. Nazary’s predecessor was said to be in Chechen captivity. “It is not known whether he is alive.”