Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 68

Nationally prominent businessmanIvan Kivelidi died of poisoning August 5. Kivelidi was presidentof Rosbiznesbank, chairman of Russia’s Business Round Table,and founder of the weekly Vek. According to his deputyVladimir Shcherbakov, Kivelidi and his secretary were poisonedby radioactive cadmium. Fellow-bankers consider his death "politicalmurder," Russia’s Radio reported August 6.

Boris Yeltsin sent his condolences, but the Association of RussianBanks, comprised of over 1000 financial institutions, asked Yeltsinand Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin to take "extraordinarymeasures" for the protection of businessmen. Kivelidi wasthe 26th banker killed in last two years and the 5th in last twomonths. In July, hit men murdered Yugorsky Bank president OlegKantor and Onexim bank president Yuri Polivanov. While most ofthese killings have yet to be clarified, some in Moscow ascribethem to the mysterious Felix group, allegedly comprised of formerstate security officers opposed to private enterprise.

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