Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 144

Interviewed by the BBC while in London, Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev stated that he did not hope for a quick political settlement of the Karabakh conflict but that he would persist in seeking one and hoping for "some understanding" from Armenia. He named the conditions as return of "occupied territories" (i.e. outside Karabakh) to Azerbaijan, return of Azerbaijani refugees to their homes, agreement on access between Karabakh and Armenia (i.e. on the Lachin corridor), and an upgraded political status for Karabakh within Azerbaijan. Aliyev called for addressing the latter issue after agreement has been reached on the other issues. (18) Clarifying the sequence, Azerbaijan’s parliament chairman Rasul Guliev stated that Azerbaijan will discuss Karabakh’s political status after Karabakh/Armenian troops have withdrawn from occupied areas. (19) Azerbaijan’s foreign minister Hasan Hasanov in turn promised that Karabakh’s autonomous status would also be guaranteed in Azerbaijan’s constitution. But Karabakh and Armenia call for discussing the political status first and the troop withdrawal later. (20)

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