Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 159

The governments of the three Baltic countries have in the last few days finalized decisions regarding their participation in the Bosnia peacekeeping operation under the aegis of NATO. At their request and pursuant to NATO decisions, each Baltic country will contribute a platoon which will be closely integrated with NATO forces. The three Baltic platoons will join the Danish battalion, which will in turn be a component of a brigade comprised of Nordic and Polish troops, as part of a division which will include a predominant US contingent and will be commanded by a US general. The three Baltic battalions will train with Danish troops in January in Denmark whence they will be airlifted directly to Bosnia. (15) Despite the Baltic units’ token size in keeping with their countries’ current, modest military potential, their close integration with the troops of NATO countries and the training and command arrangements that were devised for them mark the first major milestone on the Baltic countries’ road to the alliance.

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