Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 10 Issue: 19

Strasbourg Court Orders Russia to Pay Chechens Compensation

The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia on May 14 to pay 104,000 euros ($141,000) in compensation to the relatives of two people who were abducted or killed in Chechnya, RIA Novosti reported. The court ordered Russia to pay 10,000 euros ($13,550) to the wife of Aslanbek Khamidov and 25,000 euros ($33,875) to his mother in pecuniary damages, as well as 3,000 euros ($4,065) and 5,500 euros ($7,452) in costs and expenses. Khamidov, who lived in the village of Alleroi in Chechnya’s Kurchaloi district, has not been seen since he was taken by armed men from his family home in late October 2000. In the second case, the court ruled that Russia pay the parents and daughter of Kazbek Taysumov, who together with his wife and another daughter, was killed in September 2002 in an alleged artillery attack on his village in the republic’s Grozny district. The court awarded 1,500 euros ($2,032) in financial damage, 52,500 euros ($71,137) for emotional losses and 6,650 euros ($9,010) in costs.

One Person Dies in Dagestani Brawl

One person was killed and four were seriously injured on May 9 in a mass brawl involving up to 1,500 people from two villages in Dagestan who disputed the result of a wrestling contest, the Associated Press reported. Russian news agencies quoted Dagestani police spokesman Mark Tolchinsky as saying that rioters were armed with guns and knives, and that one policeman was badly wounded while intervening to break up the dispute.