Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 99

The "Russian Business Roundtable," an association representing the interests of numerous commercial and banking firms, has adopted a voluntary code of corporate conduct. The code calls for: refusal to deal with criminal entities seeking to launder money and legalize criminal income; renunciation of unfair business practices, including intentional damage to partners and competitors and false advertising; and rejection of violence in business practices. The code calls for violators to be punished by a boycott from the business community. (13)

The publication of these documents marks a brave attempt on the part of Russian businessmen to deal with problems plaguing Russia’s business community. The Roundtable’s leader, Ivan Kivelidi, was assassinated in July, as were nine other prominent members of the association. The group hopes that some provisions of this voluntary code may someday be part of Russian criminal legislation.

Conference of Orthodox Slavic Peoples Planned.