Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 44

As the Russian Constitutional Courtprepares to consider parliamentary challenges to Yeltsin’s decreeordering Russian forces into Chechnya–a translation and analysisof that decree were published in the June 30 Prism–Yeltsin’saide Sergei Filatov provided new details on the decrees that haveaffected the Russian operation in Chechnya. According to Filatov,Yeltsin issued a December 11 decree supplanting the November 30decree and the December 11 document is the basis of Russia’s actions.Moreover, Filatov said, Yeltsin is preparing a new decree forending the conflict. That ukaze should be ready this week. TheCourt is unlikely to rule against the government, but the caseshould shed more light on Russian decision making.

Regions Ignore Moscow Politics.