Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 119

An overdue and fruitless negotiating session was held June 22 at the Russian military base in Khankala, site of the command of Russian forces in Chechnya. The sides were unable to make progress toward defining the notions of "special operations," "demilitarization," and other points contained in the June 10 Nazran agreements. The Chechen chief delegate at this session, Kazbek Makhashev, pointed out that the Russian side has not yet begun lifting the blockade of Chechen towns and villages, which was due to have begun June 11 and completed by July 7 under the armistice agreement. No date was set for another session. Since the armistice went into effect on June 1, the Russian side has lost 38 soldiers killed and some 130 wounded, and the Chechen side 25 killed and 72 wounded in sporadic exchanges of fire and mine explosions. (Russian and Western agencies, June 22 and 23)

Speculation over Chubais’ Return to Power.