Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 101

The Russian military command in Chechnya reported that it had lost two soldiers killed and 10 wounded in clashes with Chechen fighters September 25. The military negotiations remained deadlocked following the expiration of the September 20 deadline for the disarmament of Chechen armed formations. But the two sides agreed in principle to reschedule the disarmament program and to continue the negotiations.

Dudayev’s chief representative Khodzhakhmed Yarikhanov said that in the political negotiations he has refused to discuss with the Russian delegation future Chechen elections, or Russian reconstruction plans in Chechnya. The only problem he had agreed to discuss, Yarikhanov said, was "ending the Russian aggression" in Chechnya.

In Sernovodsk near Chechnya’s border with Ingushetia, Russian forces reportedly gave an ultimatum to a grouping of pro-Dudayev units to hand over their arms, failing which Russian forces would storm the village. Russian units were reportedly massing in preparation for the attack while Chechen units were preparing to resist.

In Moscow, defense minister Pavel Grachev called for suspending peace talks until Dudayev’s forces are completely disarmed. Grachev accused Chechen forces of deliberately violating the peace accords, and of preparing to wage a winter campaign. (3)

Constitutional Court to Review Coalitions’ Registration Documents.