Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 24

Under a Communist government, Russia would seek the peaceful restoration of the USSR and rebuild the nation’s superpower status, according to the leader of the Communist party. Gennady Zyuganov said in the New York Times February 1 that the "disruption of military and strategic parity caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union" had been "dangerously destabilizing." He declared that Russia would never be satisfied as a "junior partner" of the U.S., and that "any policy that counts on Russia remaining in its humiliating position…is doomed to defeat." Zyuganov also criticized NATO expansion and characterized the entry of NATO troops into the former Yugoslavia as the first step of a supranational organization interfering in a country’s internal affairs. Zyuganov’s message was not entirely confrontational, however. He said that Russian foreign policy under a Communist government would reject the notion of world revolution and adhere to universal moral principles and international law. Such a government, he said, would also seek economic, scientific, and educational cooperation with the U.S., as well as create an even better climate for U.S. investments in Russia. (2)

Lukin Calls for Postponement of START II Ratification.