Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 56

The Russian Communist party has prepared a package of laws to restore the socialist economy and has readied a list of candidates for ministerial posts, Izvestiya reported March 20. The newspaper detailed what it said were the Communist party’s as yet unpublished plans to reintroduce such unlamented institutions as Gosplan (state planning) and Gossnab (state supply). The full package of 20 laws would be introduced over a period of 18 months to two years and would result in what the Communists call "fundamental political change" and Izvestiya sums up as "empty shelves." The package includes laws on "Nationalization," "Basic Directions of Agrarian Policy and the System of State Support for Agriculture," "Self-Governed Publicly-Owned Enterprises," "Combatting Economic Crime and Corruption," "Improving the Structure of State Departments for Economic Management," "Measures to Strengthen the State’s Monopoly of Foreign Currency" and "Measures to Strengthen State Regulation of Foreign Trade." All land would be declared state property and a new constitution would replace the institution of the presidency with parliamentary supremacy (the old Supreme Soviet).

Duma Agrees to Consider Senate Appeal, But not in Plenary Session.