Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 159

With some election observers beginning to express concern over the slow counting of votes, the Central Election Commission announced today the latest results of December 17 elections for the new Russian State Duma. The new tally shows the Communist party maintaining its strong position, winning 58 single-mandate seats in addition to 21.5 percent of the party list vote. (1) As of this morning, a preliminary final count of all 225 individual constituencies was announced, with the following showings: Independent candidates — 77; Communists — 58; Agrarian Party — 20; Yabloko — 14; "Russia is Our Home" –10; Russia’s Democratic Choice — 9; Power to the People — 9; Congress of Russian Communities — 5; other — 23.

With the Communist Party of the Russian Federation set to control at least a third of the seats, it is clear that the communists and their allies will form a formidable force in the new Duma, heavily outweighing deputies who represent the reform constituency. (2) President Boris Yeltsin’s December 20 dismissal of the opposition as a "minority" in the new parliament now looks like wishful thinking.

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