Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 5 Issue: 15

CORRECTION: The March 31 issue of Chechnya Weekly confused two different demonstrations in Moscow during the Brezhnev years, each of which in its own way was a milestone in the development of the dissident movement. We incorrectly wrote that “it was on Moscow’s celebrated Pushkin Square, some thirty-six years ago, that one of the landmark protests of the Brezhnev era took place as a handful of brave dissidents unfurled signs denouncing the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.”

In fact, the 1968 demonstration against that invasion took place on Red Square, not Pushkin Square. It was more than two years earlier, in December of 1965, that the dissident movement’s pioneering demonstration for legality and glasnost took place on Pushkin Square, demanding that the regime obey its own constitution in the trial of the dissident writers Sinyavsky and Daniel. We regret our error.