Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 119

Turkmen president Saparmurad Niazov told a session of the State Defense and Security Council last week that corruption was rife within the country’s military and security bodies. Niazov cited information on arms theft and sale, extortion and bribery (the equivalent of $4,000 for individual exemptions from military service), barracks violence, and other forms of military crime. Niazov ordered the military and security commands to institute severe disciplinary measures. The president issued a decree stipulating that officers involved in criminal activities or otherwise "dishonoring the uniform" will be deprived of rank and of all attendant benefits. (Interfax, June 21)

The revelations coincided with the June 21 official celebrations of the fourth anniversary of Niazov’s reelection as president. Originally elected in 1990, Niazov was reelected in 1992 for a five-year term. In 1994, a national referendum approved in advance the extension of Niazov’s presidential powers from 1997 until 2002.

Tajikistan’s Kyrgyz District Restive.